Today April 17, 2020 Hello  Namaste , My name is Umesh Kr. Mandal. I am from Kathmandu and I am going to write short information on the ba...


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Today April 17, 2020

Hello Namaste,

My name is Umesh Kr. Mandal. I am from Kathmandu and I am going to write short information on the basic of my knowledge about coronavirus. Coronavirus is said by Chinese Government news that this virus came from Wuhan market. But Americans said that it erupted from Wuhan Lab from China not from Wuhan market. This is all conspiracy theory maybe but we don't know where actually it came from whether from market or Wuhan lab. This virus first shown in Wuhan, China where more than 80,000 people affected by this virus and almost 4,000 people dead. After that it transmitted to Italy, Spain, France, and UK, Iran, America and many more about 215 countries. It is sad to hear the news about coronavirus. Every country are struggling and fighting this virus but it is very hard to fight but soon we can make it because every scientists in global are experimenting and finding the cure of coronavirus. One of the best scientists said it takes 10 or 12 months to find the cure of this virus. If this takes long time to find cure then we may find difficulties during the quarantine. I am going to update you about Nepal and world coronavirus. Nepal has till date 7,702 total tasted, 30 total confirmed, 1 total recover and total 0 deaths. World has till date total confirmed cases 2,215,105, total deaths 149,045, and total recovered 560,310 till now. But I want to add about America where Donald Jr. Trump may not have taken this coronavirus seriously so that in USA the coronavirus cases are increasingly rapidly total cases 680,541, total deaths 34723 and recovered 58,066. This is the world largest affected country because of mismanagement of coronavirus. They are the world richest and developed country even though it is hard to control the virus. We must take precaution from this virus and keep social distancing and regularly clean our hand up to 20 seconds. i personally request all of the citizen of Nepal and World please be safe in home and utilize time using phone, TV, exercise, and be together with you close family and make everyone happy because various scientists, doctors, nurses, health workers, and WHO are contributing to control this virus.